2019, Stage, Gloria, Character Solos, Tristan Bates Theatre, James Kemp

2018, Site Specific, Agent, Intergalactic Travel Bureau, Guerrilla Science

2018, Site Specific, Animator, The Wonder Project, Shrinking Space/Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

2018, Rehearsed ReadingFrancineShreds of Sanity, Oh Canada! Festival

2018, Site Specific, Grace Kye, Dead Drop, A Door in A Wall

2017, Stage, Benedict Bumbercatch, The Foreigners’ Panto, Loitering With Intent, Shani Erez

2017, Site Specific, Winnie Nomorre, Horses for Corpses, A Door in A Wall

2017, Video Game, Raquel Shein, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3, CI GAMES

2017, Site Specific, Bex Precision, A Colourful History, A Door in A Wall/ National Gallery

2017, Rehearsed Reading, Ensemble, Lost Love Letters, Russell Lucas

2016, Site Specific, Bess Anova, Played to Death, A Door in A Wall

2016, Site Specific, Miriam Orfe, A Veiled Threat, A Door in A Wall

2015, Site Specific, Sienna Finriskie, An Appetite for Murder, A Door in A Wall

2015, Event, Samantha Samuel, Sherlock Holmes & The Mystery of the Black Pearl, Murder Mystery Events

2015, Site Specific, Gwynn Ventry, The Life and Death of Paul Marrane, A Door in A Wall

2015, Event, The Wife, The Wife’s Lament and other Old English and Medieval Tales, The British Museum

2015, Corporate, Lucy Sosiette, Bart’s Murder Mystery, A Door in A Wall

2014, Site Specific, Madame Phonee, A Stab in the Dark, A Door in A Wall

2014, Television, Emma Lipman, FALSE FLAG/Kfulim, Keshet/Tender Productions, Oded Ruskin
2014, Audio, Happy Mailbox, Laugh and Learn, Fisher Price

2014, Site Specific, Madame Phonee, A Stab in the Dark, A Door in A Wall

2014, Site Specific, Diane Utherdaye, The Diplomatic Corpse, A Door in A Wall

2013, Site Specific, Isla Weiss, Crashed, Immercity

2013, Audio, Monkey, Laugh and Learn Monkey and Vehicle Toy, Fisher Price

2013, Site Specific, Dani Szetic, Dead Man’s Hand, A Door in A Wall

2013, Site Specific, Jo-Anne, The Trial, RETZ/Barbican

2013, Rehearsed Reading, Chantelle, ICARUS, Etcetera Theatre, Russell Lucas

2012, Rehearsed Reading, Nella, Not Fade Away, Rosemary Branch Theatre, Russell Lucas

2012, Stage, Soldier, Tachzor Shalem (Come Back Whole), Theatre
Temoin/Karnamata, Cameri Theatre, Ailin Conant

2012, Rehearsed Reading, Odelia, LIGHT SHINES UPON ME, Tik-Sho-Ret, Tristan

Bates Theatre, Eyal Israel

2011, Site Specific, ‘Spokes’ Mann, MOB JUSTICE, A Door In A Wall


2011, Workshop, Actress, VOICING, Arch 468, Julie Osman

2011, Stage, Me/Helena, YOUTH AND WILL, Zikit, Dori Engel
2011, Voice Over, Yessica, YESSICA’S JOURNEY, MIND, Anastacia Tohill
2010, Voice Over, Border Control Woman, IMMIGRATION, Discovery Channel
2010, Voice Over, Presenter, WORLD’S END, Island Films
2010, Short Film, Elle, THROUGH THE GLASS, MFS, Flora Frisardi
2010, Stage, Confessor, I CONFESS, Tangled Feet, Latitude Festival, Nathan
Curry/Rachel Parish

2010, Comedy, Shahash, LEVING, H.L, Ruth Schor

2010, Event, Vulture, ALCESTIS, Iris Theatre, Dan Winder

2009, Street Theatre, Confessor, I CONFESS, Tangled Feet, Pleasance

Edinburgh, Nathan Curry/RachelParish

2009, Event, War Widow, HIDDEN LIVES AND UNVISITED TOMBS, Crescent

Theatre, Rachel Warr

2009, Multimedia, Presenter, HEBREW LANGUAGE COURSE, Eurotalk

2009, Rehearsed Reading, The Woman, UNTITLED 1, In The Same Boat, Southwark

Playhouse, David Mercatali/ Philip Ridley

2009, Event, Sugarcube, 26, BAC, Daniel Goldman
2009, Stage, Pak, SH!….AND LISTEN!, Footprint Project, Barbican Theatre
Plymouth, Gael Le Cornec
2009, Short Film, Maya, IF JESUS WENT TO FILM SCHOOL, London Film
Academy, Ajey Kodlikeri
2009, Stage, Josie Field, SOHO STREETS, Soho Theatre, Suzanne Gorman
2009, Stage, Julia, LICENSE MY ROVING HANDS, Freathy Tippett, Julie Osman
2009, Voice Over, Presenter, MEDICINAL, P.S.B
2008, Voice Over, Presenter, FUTURE CARS, Discovery Channel
2008, Voice Over, Wife, WIFE CARRYING CONTEST, Discovery Channel
2008, Voice Over, The Tape Girl, TAPE MAN, Discovery Channel
2008, Stage, Ophelia, HAMLET, EYT- Austria, Daniel Winder
2008, Short Film, Sexy Assassin, B LUCKY, D.M films, Roderigo Del Monte
2008, Stage, Mirele, I AM SPEAKING TO YOU IN CHINESE, Hampstead Theatre, Ariella

2008, Audio, Narrator, A COLLECTION OF WOMEN’S SHORT STORIES, Skolavefurrin

2007, Audio, Narrator/ Ethan, LITTLE ETHAN AND THE WEB OF LIES (AUDIO

BOOK), House of Solomon

2007, Stage, Foot, BIRTH NIGHT, ZeitGeist/ King’s Head , Anna Ostergren
2007, Stage, Laertes, HAMLET- A RETELLING , Metta Theatre, Poppy Burton-Morgan
2007, Stage, Cecily , THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST, MRM, Alexandra
Spencer Jones
2007, Short Film, Avital , AVITAL’S CHOICE, LU, Catrin Jones
2007, Voice Over, Israeli wife, EICHMANN, E-Motion
2007, Voice Over, Presenter, WORLD’S END PROMO, Discovery Channel
2006, Voice Over, News Presenter, MUNICH , Channel 4
2006, Stage, Thea, SPRING AWAKENING, Union Theatre, Aoife Smyth
2006, Stage, Haley, BREAKING NEWS- THE RACHEL CORRIE BAN, Practicum,
Theatre 503, Dan Horrigan/Various
2006, Stage, Stella, VENDETTA, Library Theatre, Edinburgh, Christopher Guttman
2006, Stage, Penthea, THE BROKEN HEART, Secret Centre, Dan Horrigan
2005, Stage, The Secretary, KILLING TIME, Group 42, Bradley Taylor
2005, Short Film, The Girl (Lead), AZIT, Tamar Glezerman
2005, Television, Young Nurse, THE SHELL SEEKERS, Gate Television, Piers Haggard
2005, Stage, Valeria, THE ROVER, Centurion, Michael Sargent

2005, Workshop, TUNNEL VISION, Tricycle Theatre, Dan Rabin/Martin Brody

2004, Workshop, Sarah, THE BLINDFOLDED ANGEL, Tim Supple
2004, Stage, Celia, AS YOU LIKE IT, Centurion, Michael Sargent
2004, Short Film, Graziella, THE WATCHERS, Different Films, Douglas M. Ray
2004, Stage, Florina, MAD FOREST, University of the Arts, Noam Shmuel
2004, Stage, Doris, THE BEGUILED, King’s Head Theatre, Stephen Hubbard